About our Facebook boycott

“Love your neighbor as yourself”

We stand and will continue to stand against hatred.

While we support the current advertising boycott, we have little faith it will be effective.

1. Facebook Stock price has been fluctuating since the announcement of the boycott. The majority of the time it is higher than it was before the start of the boycott.

2. Facebook has an astronomical amount of cash on hand with no short term or long-term debt. They can survive for a long time on the reserves they have, possibly even years.

3. Lastly, from our experience and connections in the tech world, when a platform has users it will find a way to continue. The recent news of Twitter, due to lower advertising income, looking at a subscription model is no surprise to us.

We hope we are wrong about this and Facebook will make a change for the better. We do not feel true to ourselves to continue supporting a platform that encourages hate, racism and violence.

This is not an easy decision, nor one made lightly. Facebook has become entwined with almost every aspect of life. Suddenly turning that off is challenging. Many times, over the last 6 weeks we have wanted to share exciting and wonderful things that happened. The desire to connect and share on Facebook is in conflict with our morals and the turmoil we experience when we think of the ways Facebook is encouraging racism and violence.

We realized we can still share and connect in other ways. We decided to bring our posting and sharing to our website and our google business for now. We hope you will continue to connect with us in these different ways.

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